Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz defends fans booing Penn State players going down

Iowa grabs its fourth interception of night to keep its undefeated record intact. (0:34).
Kirk Ferentz, Iowa's coach, said that although some Penn State players were injured in Saturday’s game had legitimate injuries. However, he understood why Hawkeyes fans cheered on other Nittany Lions athletes.

Ferentz noted Tuesday that Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford didn't return to the game early in the second half and that he could still see another Nittany Lions player sitting on the bench wearing an ice bag.

Ferentz stated, "I hope they guys are well. I don't know their status." "Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt. However, I believe the booing is probably a reaction to, there was a few guys who were down for the count but then came back a play or two later. Our fans don't think so. They are watching and they know what's happening.

"I've been here for 23 years, and this is only the second time that we've seen such a thing."

James Franklin, Penn State's coach, expressed disappointment at the booing after Iowa's win of 23-20. He noted that the Hawkeyes do not run an up-tempo offense which has recently led to college football defenses pretending injuries.

Franklin stated that he was having trouble with the players getting hurt, the Iowa fans and coaches booing the players and Franklin agreed. It was not part our plan, and it is a resounding no to all the Iowans out there. It wouldn't be. You don't run a tempo offense. Some guys got hurt, and I don't think I agree with that. It doesn't seem right to boo college football players when they are hurt.

Ferentz noted Tuesday that the practice of faking injury has been more prominent as the American Football Coaches Association (AFA) has asked the NCAA football rules commission to address it. He stated that Iowa has two employees who were part of programs that encouraged them using code words like "scuba" or "turtle."

Ferentz stated that they don't coach it and haven't been exposed to it. "But our fans thought that they smelled rats, I guess, but I don't really know why, so they responded as they did."

Ferentz also said that Riley Moss, defensive back, will likely miss a few weeks due to a knee injury sustained during an interception against Penn State in the first quarter. Moss, who is the leader in Big Ten interceptions (4), and interceptions returned to touchdowns (2), will not require surgery.

No. This week, 2 Iowa hosts Purdue before an open week.