Gabby Petito's Cause of Death is Strangulation, Laundrie Family Comments

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After weeks of waiting for a coroner to report, Gabby Petito's cause-of-death is finally being revealed. TMZ will stream the highly anticipated results live.

Tuesday's press conference will discuss the autopsy report. It comes weeks after investigators discovered her remains in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

You know that the coroner declared her death a murder.

The last pieces of this tragedy puzzle are now coming together. They may prove to be true to what her family believed all along: that she was brutalized and left in the wilderness to die.

The only thing that is certain is who and why. Gabby's fiancée, Brian Laundrie has disappeared and a manhunt has been started for him.

Laundrie is still missing despite several sightings in various parts of the country.

A man claimed to have seen someone on his deer cam that looked similar to Brian, but police have not given them any reason to believe this.

A hiker claimed that Brian was last seen on the Appalachian Trail, but there is no evidence. Dog the Bounty Hunter joined the national manhunt.

We reported that Dog hit the pause button during his search after sustaining injuries on the job.

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Laundrie's family claims that he took a hike sometime in September, but never returned. This is in addition to a suspicious return to Florida that left no trace of Gabby. Brian and his family were blasted by her family for not providing any answers.

Laundrie was not arrested by the feds for Gabby's murder, but they did issue an arrest warrant. It was for Use Unauthorized Access Devices. Prosecutors claimed that Laundrie purchased items totaling at least $1,000 using a Capital One Bank debit account between August 30 and Sept. 1.

Although Gabby has not been charged with fraud by the feds, it doesn't seem that far off.

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A few days later, the FBI visited Laundrie's residence to recover personal items in the hope that they might have his DNA.

Gabby and Brian have a history that we know. They had a confrontation in Utah. This was briefly investigated by a cop, who captured one of the last images of Gabby alive and crying.

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A witness called 911 just before Gabby disappeared, telling dispatcher that he witnessed Brian hit Gabby during an argument.

We will now find out what happened to her in the end... once for all.