Gabby Petito Died By Strangulation, A Coroner Said

Gabby Petito (22-year-old aspiring social-media influencer) was strangled to death while she was documenting her #VanLife cross country road trip with her fianc via Instagram and YouTube.

Brent Blue, Teton County Coroner, previously declared Petito's death as a homicide. However, he didn't provide any additional information about the autopsy results.

Blue stated that Petito's remains had been found in Wyoming on Sept. 19, after she was reported missing by her family. Her family had reported her missing on Sept. 11. Blue stated that DNA samples from Petito's body were also taken.

Brian Laundrie, Petito's fianc returned home alone on Sept. 1, in the van he shared in Florida with him. Since Sept. 17, he has been missing, prompting authorities in Florida to launch a long-running search for him at the Carlton Reserve.

He was identified as a "person-of interest" in her disappearance, but he has been charged with the unauthorised use of a debitcard in the days following her death.

Steve Bertolino (Laundrie's lawyer) responded to the autopsy results with a statement stating that his client was only considered "person of interest" in respect to Petito's passing.

Bertolino stated that "Gabby's tragic death at such an early age is a tragedy." "Brian is still missing at this time. We will deal with the fraud case against him when he is found."

Josh Taylor, a North Port officer in Florida, told NewsNationNow last Wednesday that he wouldn’t be surprised if Laundrie were alive or dead at this stage in their ongoing search.

Recently, the Laundrie family attorney revealed that Taylor's parents believed he last saw him on September 13, which was a day earlier than what they had previously disclosed to investigators. Taylor responded to NewsNationNow, "I don't know necessarily what I should believe anymore."

It's possible they are expressing what they already know. Taylor said that they will see. Taylor said that the Laundrie clan had joined the authorities in the search to find their son.

He said, "I believe it's a sign that they are trying to work alongside investigators."

Blue, the Teton County Coroner, commented about the "media circus” surrounding Petito's passing, saying that it was "unfortunate” that deaths in similar cases didn't get as much attention.

The national spotlight was drawn to Petito's death and disappearance, which highlighted the differences between cases involving missing women of color and those involving white women. Social media users became so passionate about true crime that they began to use the attention Petito received to discuss other cases.

Petito's family has recently established a foundation in her honor that will aid families of missing persons.