Rep. Maxine Waters tweeted her Twitter account was 'hacked' and 'erased,' but Twitter said there was 'no signs of account compromise'

Maxine Waters, a California Rep., claimed Tuesday morning that her account was "hacked".
Twitter said that there were no indications of account compromise on Waters' account.

Waters claimed that she knew the person responsible in a tweet and promised to "take care of" it.

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Late Tuesday morning, Maxine Waters, a California Rep. caused confusion when she claimed that her Twitter account was hacked and deleted despite using it to send the message.

She wrote, "I was hacked and my twitter account has been deleted." "I know the person responsible. She signed it "M. Waters

Waters has two Twitter accounts as it is customary for members of Congress. Her official account is @RepMaxineWaters as a member of Congress. Her second account, @MaxineWaters is her personal and campaign account.

Waters claimed that neither account was deleted. Waters' last tweet was Tuesday morning from her official account. Since June, she has not used her personal account.

Insider reached out to Waters representatives but they did not respond to our request for comment on Tuesday.

Insider was told by a spokesperson for Twitter that it could not comment on Waters tweet.

The spokesperson stated that while we cannot comment on the tweet, she said that they have opened lines of communication with her office as standard and worked with them to make sure the account was secure. "At the moment, we haven't detected any signs of account compromise."

ProPublica's Politwoops project tracks deleted tweets of Congress members. Waters deleted six retweeted Tweets within 24 hours of sharing them. It is not clear if her Tuesday tweet referred to any of those deleted replies.