William Shatner's Blue Origin Space Mission Delayed

Weather caused delays in the launch of the New Shepard NS-18 vessel that will carry actor. It was originally scheduled to leave Earth on Tuesday.
Bennett Raglin | Stringer | Getty Images

Forecasted winds forced the launch to Wednesday at 8:30 AM.

Blue Origin released a Sunday press release stating that the mission operations team had confirmed that the vehicle met all mission requirements. The astronauts started their training today. The launch window is not affected by weather.

The first report about Shatner's flight on Jeff Bezos rocket at the end last month was published. The company has since confirmed the report and he spoke to ComicCon attendees on Thursday about his fear for his mission.

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Star Trek actor Star Trek jokingly said, "I'm Captain Kirk. I'm afraid going to space." But I don't really fear. Yes, it is. It's like a summer cold.

When the mission launches, Shatner (90) will be the oldest person to travel into space. Audrey Powers, vice president of Blue Origins New Shepard mission operations and flight operations, will accompany him.