Tom Daley says countries that discriminate against LGBTQ people should not host major events

During the Euro 2020 last-16 match between England & Germany at Wembley, June, German fans displayed signs promoting LGBTQ+ rights in Qatar.
According to Tom Daley, Olympic diving gold medallist and Olympic diving gold winner, countries that have LGBTQ rights should not be allowed to host major sporting events.

Daley won gold in the Tokyo men's synchronised 10m platform race.

Briton, 27, said that there were more Olympic athletes than any other Games. "That was incredible," Briton stated to BBC Radio 5 Live.

"But, there were 10 countries competing in areas where it is punishable with death."

Daley, who is a three-time world champion and five times European champion, said: "I have spoken out about the fact that I do not believe countries should be allowed to host an Olympic Games, or major sporting event if their laws criminalise, marginalise, or discriminate against LGBT people, women, or people of color."

"If the country isn't inclusive, and people don't believe they will be safe, they shouldn't host the event until they make changes to their laws.

"We should not just follow the money. We should also be concerned about the safety of people and their human rights."

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar, where homosexuality is prohibited.

Officials claim Qatar is safe for LGBTQ players and fans as long as they respect Qatari laws. However, Daley believes the tournament should be held elsewhere.

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Daley added, "The Qatar World Cup in Qatar next year, it’s a country that you follow the money." "Will women and LGBT people feel safe going to the spectate? Will they feel safe competing in the event?

"We are puzzled why people don’t come out. We have to travel to these places that won’t accept you.

"You could be in prison in Qatar, so it's very frightening for many LGBT athletes. This is why it's important to have some thought about which countries can host events.

"There are still so many hate crimes against LGBT persons and still very many people who don't accept the LGBT community as they are, and that's quite frightening."