Twitter testing an easier way to switch to your reverse-chronological feed

Twitter is testing a new way to switch to your reverse-chronological feed a bit more easily, the company announced Tuesday. When you tap on the three-star icon in the top right corner of your feed, you can switch between the Home and Latest feeds. This sorts your tweets automatically. A small menu appears that allows you to choose which feed you want to switch to. However, some iOS users may notice that Twitter has switched to the Latest or Home tabs when they tap the three-star icon.
Twitter has revealed the following: The tabs will look familiar if you have pinned lists:

What are the top tweets or most recent tweets? We made it easier for you to switch between the timelines and see which one is scrolling.

You can now test with some of your iOS users: Swipe between "Home" or "Latest" on iOS to select which Tweets you want to see first. Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) October 12, 2021

This change feels like a big improvement. It will take less taps to switch between feeds, and it will make it easier for you to see which feed is being viewed at a glance. It is not clear if Twitter will expand this test and, if so when.