Congresswoman Maxine Waters tweets that her Twitter account was hacked and deleted. What?

"I have been hacked, and my Twitter account was erased," starts a tweet from @RepMaxineWatters on Oct. 12, 2021 at 11:55 ET.
"I know who did this," the post continues, but it suddenly takes a turn and becomes all Liam Neeson-esque. "I will take care. M Waters

What is the matter?


@RepMaxineWaters is Congresswoman Maxine Wassers' official Twitter handle. She is the U.S. Rep for California's 43rd congressional District. Here is where Maxine Waters, a Democratic House member, regularly posts updates. If she were indeed hacked, it would be quite a scandal. It would be even more significant if she knew who the hacker was and that it wasn't a random attack from someone halfway around the world.

"I know who did this. "I will take care" How ominous of an elected official to do this! Maxine, who did it? WHO? We want to know!

Here's the strange thing: Everything seems to be fine with the account.

It is still active. Rep. Rep. Scroll back to see previous tweets. ProPublica's Politwoops, which tracks the deleted tweets of public officials, shows that not much has been removed from @RepMaxineWaters' account in recent years, except for a few random retweets.

Perhaps she is referring to a secondary account, such as the @MaxineWaters account on Twitter which is used for her reelection campaigns. Although this account hasn't been used in a while, it is still there with all its old tweets.

What is Rep. Maxine waters talking about? Is there an anonymous alt account she has? Did the account get hacked, deleted and then restored by Twitter in record time? Is this yet another example of Congressmen being out of touch with technology?

The short answer is: We don’t know! This is a mystery!

Mashable reached out to Rep. Waters' office and on Twitter to find out the truth.

No matter what, our thoughts and prayers go out to Maxine Waters or anyone else who may have hacked her account.