United Airlines Giving Every Employee A $1,000 Bonus

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are sagging under the strain of an overworked operation and employee rebellion over vaccines. United Airlines celebrates unity by giving each employee a $1,000 bonus in the next month.
United Airlines Offers a $1,000 Bonus to All Active Employees

Scott Kirby, CEO of the company, made the announcement during a live webcast at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport. Kirby noted that the United 100, the highest award for employees, would be given to all employees for 2020. Kirby cited the perseverance and hard work of the employees over the 18-month period. Kirby said that the $1,000 bonus will be paid to all employees next month as a thank you for their unwavering dedication.

A brand new United aircraft was also unveiled at the event. The 737 MAX 8 was presented with a new United Together livery. It will soon fly and features the United Next interior.

A new interior design with seat-back entertainment for every seat

Bluetooth technology allows for simple connections between wireless headphones, seat-back entertainment screens and Bluetooth technology

Every seat has USB and electric charge ports

Larger overhead bins allow for more space for carry-on bags

industrys fastest available in-flight WiFi

LED lighting

United intends to upgrade its entire fleet of narrowbody vehicles with these interiors by 2025. Kirby stated:

As we move forward with our business to support a revival in air travel, the United Next vision will transform the experience of flying United. We combine friendly, helpful service and the best experience in the air by adding and upgrading these many aircraft quickly with our signature interiors.

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United is improving employee morale

I have flown a lot with United Airlines, even over the past week. Morale has been noticeably improving, I must say. The flight attendants are cheerful, the gate agents are happy, and I am actually seeing a revival at United Airlines, even though the pandemic continues.

For 17 years, I have flown United faithfully. In the early Munoz years, trust in management and especially in C-Suite leadership wasn't at the same level as it is today.

United, which is the largest U.S. carrier, is poised to rebound from the pandemic or at least give Delta a chance.

Perhaps Kirby's dreams of a life full of aspirations aren't so wild after all

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Image: United Airlines