VanMoof teases new high-speed electric bike – TechCrunch

VanMoof, an e-bike manufacturer, recently raised $128 million in a funding round. The company has already used some of the cash to create a VanMoof V, an electric bike that is high-speed.
The VanMoof V has yet to be released. The company teased the new bike with a YouTube live video. The VanMoof V will be released by the company before the end 2022. According to VanMoofs landing pages, it should cost around $3,598, 3-498 or 2,998

You get an electric bike with two motors, one in each wheel. To help with uneven roads, there are two suspension systems in the front and back. For added safety, the VanMoof V has thick tires.

The YouTube video shows that the bike can travel at 60 km/h (37 MPH) according to its top speed. If you already own an ebike, you will know that there are rules regarding motor assistance for bikes. An e-bike can travel no faster than 25km/h (15.5 mph) in Europe. The speed limit in the United States is dependent on the state, but it is still slower than the VanMoof V top speed.

This does not mean you cannot ride faster than this. This means that the motor will not assist you if your speed exceeds the limit of the jurisdiction. According to the company, the VanMoof V will not assist you in breaking the law.

We quickly realized that the VanMoof V was a completely new way to use roads. VanMoof V has speed settings that can be adjusted to your country's requirements. This bike can travel up to 60 km/h or 37 mi/h. The current limit on this category's speed is set by local regulations around the globe. Nevertheless, in the long-term, we need more thinking, VanMoof CEO and co-founder Ties Carlier stated during the announcement.

We believe that current policies are limiting the use of this type of transport. We are calling for policies that benefit people, not cars. He said that we will collaborate with the city governments to explore geofencing, and push for modernized speed regulations.

The VanMoof V is, in other words, a VanMoof V concept bike that shares VanMoof's vision and a vehicle to lobby policymakers around the globe. Because you don't need a two-wheeler to travel 25 km/h, the company had to communicate its plans in advance.

VanMoof will be sending out invitations to customers and crowdfunders. You can reserve a VanMoof V by sending these invitations. You can make reservations today and the VanMoof V could be released in late 2022.