The Tile Ultra takes on AirTags with UWB-powered AR tracking, coming early 2022

Tile has announced the official launch of its first ultra-wideband (UWB), tracking tag, the Tile Ultra, in 2022. Tile claims that this tag is the first to support UWB on both Android AND iOS.
Although Tile has not yet released any details about the Ultra's price or release date, it did give an early preview of how it will look and work. The Ultra is similar to the Tile Pro's updated version, but it has a rectangular, rounded shape and a key ring.

The Tile Ultra can use Bluetooth radios to locate an object and the Tiles network of tiles to find it. It is similar to Apples AirTag or Samsungs SmartTag Plus. However, the Tile Ultra can also use its UWB radio to provide more precise location capabilities, even if the tag is hidden behind a shelf or under the couch. You can also use the Ultra's augmented reality mode to quickly find your missing tracker.

Tile also announced a new Ultra tag, as well as updated versions of the Mate, Pro and Slim tracking tags (the Sticker, Sticker, Sticker, and Sticker), that have sleeker designs, better sound quality, improved water resistance, and louder volume. These four models are now available, and they differ from the Ultra.