Instagram’s outages were so bad the app will now alert users when the service goes down

Instagram has a new feature in development that will notify users when it encounters major technical problems. Instagram says the alert will be displayed in the users Activity Feed as a notification when there are questions or confusions. This means that the alert will appear in users Activity Feed when they are confused and looking for answers.
This sensible feature is from Facebook's parent company, Instagram. It comes in light of the chaos caused by its services going down. People often wonder if their internet connection, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram is down. It will save users a lot of confusion by sending a little message saying, "Don't worry, it is not you. Its us."

Instagram claims it is testing the feature in the US over the next few months and will expand its availability if it proves useful. Similar features could be introduced for Facebook's most important service, WhatsApp. This messaging app is a primary means of communication for many.

Instagram announced today that it will be introducing an account status tool, which will alert users if inappropriate content is reported to them. In a blog post, the company stated that it will make it easier for users to find out if their account is at danger of being disabled. We plan to update this tool with more information over the next few months to give people a better understanding of how their content is distributed and recommended across various parts of Instagram.