Singapore is reopening to vaccinated travelers from these countries only

The government announced that vaccinated travelers from the US, Canada and other countries will soon be allowed to travel to Singapore without being quarantined for the first time since the outbreak.
Starting October 19, fully vaccinated travellers from Canada, Denmark France, Italy Netherlands, Spain and the UK will be allowed to enter Singapore. They will join travelers from Brunei, Germany, and other countries in the country's extended Vaccinated Travellane (VTL). In November, South Korea will be added to this list.

Entry will require two negative COVID test results: one within 48 hours of departure, one upon arrival.

It will be necessary to plan ahead. Anybody wishing to travel under the VTL program should apply for a Vaccinated Pass 7 to 30 days before entry. Then, travel on a designated VTL aircraft and buy travel insurance that covers COVID-19-related hospitalization and treatment costs.

Two negative PCR tests are required: one before departure and one on arrival Arsirya/Shutterstock

Although Singapore has experienced a surge in positive cases over the past weeks, the vaccination rate is still nearly 85 percent. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stated that Singapore's vaccination rate has been increasing at a rapid pace. He also noted that museums and attractions are now operating at half capacity and that restaurants, coffee shops, and hawker centres have limited the number of people allowed to eat in each group.

Singapore can't be kept closed down indefinitely. Lee stated in his speech that it wouldn't work and would be extremely costly. We must connect to the rest of the world as part of our COVID-19 life. We must also continue to open our borders to the world. These pilot projects [VTL] have proven that it is possible to travel without fear for those who are vaccinated, and only a few COVID-19 positives.