Damon Wayans Says Dave Chappelle Freed Comedy 'Slaves' with Netflix Special

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Dave Chappelle is now the great comedian emancipator thanks to his Netflix special. Damon Wayans believes so, as he drew parallels to slavery while praising Dave.

We met the actor and comic Monday at LAX. He gave us his opinion on Dave's standup comedy special, "The Closer"... which is still being heatedly debated almost a week after it was released. For Damon's landing, he is firmly in Chappelle’s camp.

You have to see how DW breaks it down for us... saying Dave "freed slaves" in reference to other comics who may be afraid to speak on certain topics in a PC/woke cultural world.

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He calls him the van Gogh comedy player, saying that he sacrificed his ear to let others know that you can still laugh, be yourself, and work without being canceled. Damon believes you should be able.

Our photog questions the content of the special, specifically the jokes that have offended LGBT people (especially transgender people), but Dame will not answer that question.


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