Samsung tries to prove its foldable phones are tough in a new test video

Samsung has revealed new details on how it tests the durability and usability of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3. It is not clear why Samsung is sharing this information, considering that the phones were launched in August. We think that it may be an attempt to calm fears raised by recent leaks about cracks in Galaxy Z Flip 3 screens.
Samsung has posted four different tests in a video on its website. Samsung has one test that involves placing the phones in an environment chamber. This allows Samsung to test the phones under various climates to ensure they work. One test involves submerging the phones in water. To test the S Pen's performance on the Z Fold 3, one uses a robot arm. The fourth test involves folding both phones repeatedly.

Samsung has demonstrated its stress testing in the past

Samsung has displayed its stress tests in the past. A 2012 video showed a robot sitting on phones. It's not just Samsung. Apple also detailed its phone antenna testing after the iPhone 4s Antennagate scandal.

Samsung's Monday tests did not address the problem of Z Flip 3 screens cracking. An increasing number of people are reporting cracks in the middle of the screen, right around the hinge. 9to5Google reported a worrying story on October 7, 2009.

After a few days without using my Galaxy Z Flip 3, I recently picked it up and was shocked to discover that the thin glass had cracked. The phone had not been dropped in recent days (only once during my use, weeks before), and I had not exposed it to extreme heat/cold over the course of a few days. So the glass breaking was a shock to me.

Reddit user posted about the same issue after three days. Another user claimed that their phone's screen had cracked within 24 hours. The problem is not limited to the Z Flip 3: 9to5Google's Michael Fisher (aka MrMobile), reported that he noticed tiny cracks in the hinge of his Z Fold 2.

The durability of Samsung's foldables is a major concern, especially after the delay in the release of the first Fold due to screens breaking on review units. Samsung may still have problems with cracks, which could indicate that they need to find solutions to ensure their foldable phones don't break for the long-term.