Stephanie Grisham doesn't want your forgiveness. She says she just wants to stop Trump from getting a 2nd term.

Stephanie Grisham says she is not under any illusions that Trump will forgive her for her role in his rise.
In an interview, she stated to Insider that she wants to stop Trump winning a second term.

She stated, "All that I can do is try to say as much as I can for 2024."

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Stephanie Grisham believes that Americans will forgive her for the role she played in the rise to power of former President Donald Trump, but she wants to "to do everything I can" in order to prevent him from winning another term, she said to Insider in an interview.

Former White House press secretary and chief-of-staff to Melania Trump, he joined Trumpworld in 2016 as a rank and file press wrangler for Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. He spent six years climbing through the ranks to become one of Melania's most trusted confidantes and trusted aides.

Grisham lived in a small Kansas town for the past year and a quarter. She said that she was "deprogrammed" by Trumpworld and left the White House in January 6. In her memoir "I'll take your questions now: What I saw at The Trump White House," she shares all about the chaos, dysfunction and toxicity that she witnessed.

Grisham stated that she is taking a break from politics and is not thinking about her next professional act, while half-jokingly saying that "I think people probably require a little bit of me as well." Her thoughts are on the upcoming elections in 2022/24.

She said that Trump's first thought process if he returns in 2024 is revenge and retribution. He'll hire people with whom the screening process won't matter, so he won’t need to run for reelection.

Insider was told by Grisham that Trump's ability "to give voice to people who feel forgotten" is what first attracted her to his campaign. This made her feel good about her work for him. But, it is being used to its advantage.

"I think now that he was president, and he's seen how much power he had. And he has seen, all he needs to say is a few phrases, that there are thousands and thousands who will take Trump so seriously and fight for him. That's dangerous," Grisham stated about Trump's supporters. "There are many people who feel so grateful that he gave them a voice that they will do whatever it takes to keep that feeling that somebody is fighting for our cause. That's dangerous. It seems like the former president is profiting from it."

"I will do my best to answer any questions you might have about him, but I'm not going to lie to you. What makes you believe he does this? She said that Trump's playbook is the only thing she knows.

Trump spokeswoman, previously calling the book "another pitiful attempt by the President to cash in on his strength and sell lies concerning the Trump family" and "full falsehoods."

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham (second from left) listens to Hogan Gidley as they wait for President Donald Trump's arrival to address the media on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. They boarded the Marine One helicopter at the South Lawn of Washington. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

"If anyone asks me for assistance in any way, I will gladly oblige."

Grisham stated that she has responded to compliments from fellow Republicans about her courage by saying, "Well then, I really hope you would also speak up."

"I just hope people will be a bit braver and protest it. She said that although it may not happen, at least I will have tried. "I know my part in the past four, five, and six years will never get forgotten. It will happen, and I don't believe it. But I can only do my best to make 2024 a good year. If he is elected, I believe our country will be in serious danger.

Insider reported that she was proud of the Trump Administration policies she had worked on. She also stated that there are many Republicans who can push for those policies without all the hate, vitriol, and revenge motives.

Due to Grisham’s years of service at Trumpworld's highest levels and her loyalty to Trumps once-dogged loyalty, her outspokenness would continue to cause her to be at odds with the former president and first Lady, whom she claims cut her off completely after her resignation.

Both Grisham's former employers denigrated her in harsh, personal terms and tried to discredit her ex-employee as a vengeful and disgruntled ex employee looking to trade in her White House experience for cash at their expense.

Melania's office released a statement the day before the publication of the book, accusing Grisham "trying to rehabilitate [her tarnished] reputation by manipulating or distorting the truth," and calling her "a troubled and deceitful individual who doesn’t deserve any one's trust."

Grisham raised concerns about the possibility of a second Trump term, but she speculated that it wouldn't include her two biggest enemies in the White House, and the targets of many her grievances in her memoir: Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner who were senior advisors to the West Wing.

She said, "Maybe I'm being stupid and naive as usual but I feel like Jared or Ivanka would not stay out of another White House." "I do. The president seemed to be getting tired of Jared's advice towards the end. They've left the country due to stress and pressure and the loss of their family. I don't believe they will ever return.

Grisham laughed when she was asked if Trump whisperer is her next idea.

She said that she is still healing from the entire process and still enjoys reconnecting with friends and family. "So, for me, that's my priority. But as we move closer to 2022/2024, if anyone asks me for any help, I will be there.