Dog the Bounty Hunter Injures Ankle Searching for Brian Laundrie

Dog the Bounty Hunter is leaving Florida empty handed and hurt-footed, having spent more than two weeks hunting for Brian Laundrie... TMZ learned.
Dog's rep tells TMZ that he injures his ankle on rugged terrain while searching for Gabby Petito, Gabby's fiance. He is still the principal person of interest in her murder.

According to our sources, the notorious bounty hunter would like to visit his Colorado doctor for his injury. He's already headed back.

Dog's rep said that Dog isn't giving up on his mission yet. He's still fundraising funds to support the team he has put together to search for Laundrie.

According to our sources, the team is made up of talented Florida residents who will continue the manhunt. Dog will keep in touch with them and pursue leads as best he can in CO.

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We reported that Dog joined the extensive search to find Laundrie in September and claimed he was hot on Laundrie's tail. However, everyone waited for an actual capture.

He seemed determined to find him, wading through swamps to find a lead, and even cancelling public appearances to concentrate on the search.