Demi Lovato Says 'Alien' is Offensive When Referring to Extraterrestrials

Demi Lovato offers an unusual take on the matter that will get people talking. They believe we should stop using the term "alien", when it comes to extraterrestrials.
During an interview with Australian outlet, the pop star made a bizarre plea for earthlings. In which they said that the term "alien", even though it refers to actual aliens from outerspace, was offensive.

Demi is promoting a new Peacock Special called "Unidentified". This is where she and her friends go to search for evidence of Martians and find it.

They spoke about their E.T. They said the following: "I think that if anything were out there that would want that to us, it wouldn't have happened by now." However, we must stop calling them aliens. It is demeaning to call anything else aliens. DL says, "That's why I like calling them ETs!" That's it. Here's some information I found.

It doesn't seem like Demi received this information from the mothership.

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However, this term can have a negative connotation when it is applied to actual people, such as immigrants to the U.S. For example. This is why some have asked for phrases like "undocumented", and similar to be used instead.

Demi requesting that we stop using the term, which has been used in this country for at least 100 years, when discussing otherworldly beings... It's completely absurd.

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