Pentagon Tech Chief Quits in Frustration, Says US Has No “Fighting Chance” Against China

"Whether it takes war or not, is kind of anecdotal."
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The former chief software officer of the Pentagon said that he quit because of the slow pace in technological innovation in America. He also stated that China is the dominant country in this space, especially in advanced artificial intelligence development.

In 15 to 20 years we will have no other fighting chance against China, Nicolas Chaillan, a former Defense Department official, stated to the newspaper in his first interview since he resigned. It is over, it is done.

Kindergarten Level

Chaillans complaints are many. Chaillans complaints are numerous. He described cybersecurity in certain parts of the US government at kindergarten level and decried the lack of cooperation between the US military's tech sector and the military.

He is furious, however, that China is gaining ground in areas like artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and cyberattack capabilities. He also criticized the US tech giants Google for being reluctant to engage in controversial AI research while Beijing isn't being held back by ethical debates.



World War AI

Although the Financial Times did not mention it, Reuters coverage on Chaillans interview also brought attention to US intelligence assessments of China's potential dominance in synthetic biology and gene technology. This detail likely reflects fears of another superpower that could start to remake the natural environment and agriculture, as well as human beings.

He said that whether it takes a war is purely anecdotal.

Chaillan indicated to the Financial Times that he will testify before Congress in the coming weeks.

READ MORE: Former chief of Pentagon's software division says the US has lost the AI battle to China [The Financial Times]



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