Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen to speak to its Oversight Board

Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistleblower, stated Monday that she would speak at the platform's invitation to its independent Oversight Board.
Haugen tweeted that I accepted the invitation to tell the Facebook Oversight Board what I learned working there. Facebook lies to the board numerous times, and I look forward to telling the truth to them.

Haugen, a former product manger in Facebook's civic integrity group, leaked large amounts of internal Facebook documents to The Wall Street Journal, showing problems within the company. Two days prior to her testimony before Congress, she appeared on 60 Minutes. She said that Facebook had repeatedly misled the public regarding what its own research revealed about safety and effectiveness of artificial intelligence systems.

The Oversight Board posted Monday a statement on its website stating that new information regarding Facebook's content moderation policy has been revealed in recent weeks as a result Haugens actions. The Oversight Board will discuss Ms. Haugen's experiences and collect information to help push for more transparency and accountability by Facebook through our recommendations and case decisions.

The board stated that it was investigating whether Facebook had been completely forthcoming.

In December 2020, the Facebook Oversight Board began hearing appeals regarding content moderation decisions on Instagram and Facebook. The board is made up of independent members from all over the globe. They make final and binding decisions about what content social media platforms should allow/remove. In May, the board decided that Facebook's ban on Trump may remain in place.

Facebook did not respond to a Monday request for comment.