Trump Records Birthday Video For Ashli Babbitt, Calls For DOJ To Reopen Investigation

On Sunday, former President Donald Trump urged for Ashli Babbitt's death on January 6, 2017, calling for the Department of Justice to reopen its investigation. The video was recorded for her 36th birthday.

Donald Trump, former President, prepares to address the crowd at his Save America rally in Perry (... +] Georgia on Saturday, September 25, 2021. ASSOCIATED PRS

The Key Facts

According to Ford Fischer, News2Share reporter, a video that the former president made was played at a Freeport, Texas rally held by Babbitt's family and supporters. Trump expressed his support for Babbitt, a California-based Air Force veteran who was also a conspiracy theorist. However, after repeatedly warnings to stay back, the member of the U.S. Capitol Police shot Babbitt.

Important Quote

On January 6, Ashli arrived at Capitol on the horrible day. Trump stated that she was tragically and fatally shot. Today would have been Ashli's birthday. Ashli, happy birthday

Important Background

Babbitt was injured in the shoulder as he tried to climb through the Speakers Lobby's broken door to get into the House of Representatives chamber. In April, the Department of Justice declared that it would not file charges against Lt. Michael Byrd for fatally shooting Babbitt. This was after Babbitt had attempted to climb through a broken door into the Speakers Lobby. According to the department, Byrd could have saved staff and members from serious injury or death. However, Trump and other prominent Republicans focused on Babbitt's death during the aftermath of the riots, portraying her as a martyr and her murder as part of a plot.

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