Two Super Bowl caliber teams met in L.A., but one came with Justin Herbert, the other Baker Mayfield

Jameis Winstons eye specialist will make it clear that the Chargers and Browns are two of the most talented teams in the league.


The most remarkable thing about this contest was that the Browns played one the cleanest games that I have ever seen from a team taking an L.

ESPN Stats and Info reports that the Browns were the first NFL team to lose when they had 40 points and zero turnovers, or 40 points and 500 yards and zero turnovers.

With 1:31 remaining on the clock, the Browns had a chance to win with the ball at their disposal. There were no timeouts and the game was over.

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The game was decided by one team having the guy behind the center who has the It factor, while the other did not. The other team had Baker Mayfield, while Justin Herbert was on the one side. Although Mayfield was excellent, throwing for 305 yards with two touchdowns yesterday. However, when Mayfield got the ball back with the chance to win it for his team, he couldn't even get to the 50 yard line.

Justin Herbert was able to score five touchdowns and pass nearly 400 yards, and he delivered when his team needed him.


To win, Mayfield does not need to be as dynamic or as dynamic as Herbert and other quarterbacks of the same caliber. His team is strong enough that Mayfield doesn't need to be as dynamic as Herbert or other quarterbacks of the same caliber to help his team win. Mayfield isn't a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback because of his inability to make good plays when they matter.

Each of these teams has a great chance of representing the AFC in L.A. at Super Bowl LVI. However, it is clear that one team has an advantage.