Visible vs. Google Fi: Which carrier should you subscribe to?

Visible Unlimited and Cheap The all-rounder Google Fi Visible makes use of Verizon's network to provide unlimited LTE data and 5G data. Visible bundles unlimited hotspot data up to 5Mbps. Visible's Party Pay allows you to bring down the cost of your service as low at $25 per month. Starting at $40/mo. Visible Pros Pricing and Plans
Huge Verizon Wireless LTE network

Unlimited hotspot (5Mbps).

Party Pay - Save!

5G access is available Cons There are no international options

Videos stream at 480p Google Fi has three plans available on the combined US Cellular and T-Mobile network in the United States. There are two options available: a flexible plan or two unlimited plans. Each user can choose the best plan for them. Multi-line users can save money on their monthly bills. Starting at $20/mo at Google Fi Pros Free international roaming

Start price lower

Network sharing

Supports most GSM devices

Multi-line savings

Expensive data

Google Fi is an excellent choice for many people, particularly those who want the best coverage. Although Google Fi's coverage may not be the best for everyone, T-Mobile's expanding network and extensive 5G coverage will make it a better choice. Google Fi is the best international roaming carrier, and it's also the best for travel abroad. Verizon's solid coverage in the US makes Visible a good choice. Visible is one of the most affordable carriers for smartphones because it offers unlimited data at a low price and no soft caps.

Google Fi vs Visible: Find the right network

The network is the biggest difference between these two companies. Visible is one the most popular MVNOs to use Verizon's network. Visible makes great use of this network, offering LTE and 5G support for select devices. Visible does not support roaming or 3G, so there is no fallback in the event of poor Verizon coverage. Verizon's LTE network has the best coverage and reliability in the country. Verizon has your back, most likely.

Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

Google Fi is a unique approach that enlists the technology of three carriers. Google Fi phones can use the Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular LTE 4G LTE networks. You can choose which network is most convenient in your area. You can only connect to Google Fi with your unlocked GSM smartphone if you have a T-Mobile SIM card.

Both networks now offer 5G coverage. However, Google Fi's TMobile network offers much better coverage and phone support. Visible supports only a few phones, such as the Galaxy S21 series.

Visible Google Fi Network Verizon Wireless T-Mobile

US Cellular Data Cap Unlimited 2G Speeds at 15 GB

Unlimited (22GB) 5G Included Yes Yes Video streaming SD quality HD Quality

SD on Unlimited Hotspot Yes (5Mbps), Yes (shared), International None 200+ Countries

Google Fi vs. Visible: Choose your Google Fi plan

Source: Android Central

Google Fi offers three plans. The main difference is the data and international features you receive. For $20 per month, the entry-level Flexible plan includes unlimited texting and calling. High-speed data costs $10 per gigabyte. This includes a mobile hotspot. Data is automatically added until you reach the Bill Protections threshold.

Google Fi Bill Protection is a feature that prevents you from being charged the standard data rate for 6GB usage. Nothing changes until you reach 15GB. Your data will be throttled at 15GB. However, high-speed data can be added for $10 per 1GB. You will pay $80 per month for data, plus fees.

Google Fi also offers unlimited plans with 22GB high-speed data. Your connection will slow down after 22GB. Video streaming quality is limited to 480p. A single line of the cheaper Simply Unlimited plan costs $60 per month. Hotspot data is not included.

Unlimited Plus offers all the benefits of the Flexible plan, but with more data. Unlimited Plus also includes 22GB of data and hotspot usage. To add another device, you can order a data-only SIM. You get 100GB Google One cloud storage, and free calling to over 50 countries.

You can add up to six lines to each plan with shared data, and you can save up to four lines.

There is no better option if you are planning to travel internationally. Google Fi is the best international service provider, with the same data rates available in more than 200 countries under the Unlimited Plus and Flexible plans. Text messages are free and calls are billed per minute depending on where you're located. They are usually $0.20 per minute.

Google Fi vs Visible: Save with Visible’s plan

Visible makes things simple with only one plan at $40 per month. This plan includes unlimited LTE data as well as unlimited hotspot data at up to 5Mbps. Your video streams will only be 480p in quality.

Visible doesn't have international features. If you need to make international calls, you will need a separate SIM card or switch to a VoIP service that uses data like Google Duo, Facebook Messenger or Line to use with Wi Fi.

Party Pay is one of Visible's most attractive features. Your monthly bill will drop to $25 if you join a group of three or more people with Party Pay. This is $5 per member. Visible has a community feature that allows anyone to join a party, even if they don’t know anyone else. There is no reason to not join a Visible party.

Google Fi vs Visible: Which phones are available?

Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

Google Fi is compatible with most phones that use T-Mobile's GSM network. Some phones, however, support the entire network. You can also switch to US Cellular if your connection is stronger. If you want to have an additional phone or tablet, you can get a free SIM card that allows for data only.

You can get a new phone from Google Fi if you are ready.

Visible's phone support can be more limited because Visible is an all-digital carrier that requires phones to support Verizon VoLTE. This growing list includes some of the most popular Android phones such as the Galaxy S21 and Google Pixel series. Support is available for most iPhones that were released after the iPhone 6.

Visible phones must support Verizon's LTE network, it is obvious. Visible will help you check your phone's IMEI prior to you paying for service. Visible can help you find a new phone or you can swap your old one for one through Visible Swap.

Google Fi vs. Visible: Which one is best for you?

Google Fi is a popular choice for many people, especially those with multiple lines. Google Fi is also compatible with almost all phones, making it simple to switch. While the unique international roaming feature won't be for everyone, it is for those who are right for it. Visible is the best choice for most people, particularly those who only require one line. Visible's multi-line plan is more expensive than Google Fi, but it's still one of the most affordable plans. Visible's expanding phone support makes it an excellent choice for a new smartphone.

Visible: A large network for less Visible. Never worry about gigabytes. Visible is simple with one unlimited plan on Verizon's network. Link up with other customers to save. Starting at $40/mo Visible

Google Fi is the all-rounder. You can choose to pay only for data or opt for unlimited if your needs are very large. International roaming is available and calls and texts are completely free. Starting at $20/mo Google Fi