Chiefs are more fraudulent than spam callers asking about your car’s extended warranty

If I've said it before, I will repeat it again

Patrick Mahomes is no longer the Chiefs' rescuer. They cannot ask him to be a Marvel Superhero with a vibranium injection on the football field, and expect him to win some wins for the Chiefs now at 2 and 3. Yesterday's 38-20 defeat at home to Bills was a reminder of that.


All the teams in the league are so good that they have caught up to Kansas City. Buffalo is a prime example.

Josh Allen, Buffalo's quarterback, can match Mahomes toe-to-toe. Allen has the arm talent, smarts and mobility to score as many points as Mahomes on any given Sunday. It's easy to see why Allen and the Buffalo offense could come into the Chiefs stadium and drop almost 40 on them before walking out with the W.

Here's Mahomes postgame thoughts on what he believes the problem is:

We were just seeing defenses we hadn't seen before. There is a lot to it, we have different coverages and routes to different spots. We are not all on the same page. These guys are smart and will figure it out, whether that's me understanding their thoughts or them knowing mine. That is what makes our offense so great. They see coverages differently from me. There are different coverages. I don't think anyone has ever faced coverages such as we have over the last few games. When we all get on the same page, and get this thing moving, I believe we will be back where we were.

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Patrick, it's more than just the coverages.

The Chiefs are still a great team. However, they will need to put in a lot more work in the offseason if they want to be able to compete for Super Bowl-caliber. They have been beaten at home by the AFC's leading teams.


Despite the Cardinals being undefeated, the Bills seem like the best football team right now. The offense was obvious with its wide receiver talent. But the defense forced Mahomes to make two picks and 21 incompletes.

They are a strong team in Buffalo, with no weaknesses. If they keep their rhythm, they will be a leader in AFC football for the remainder of the season.