The Biggest Comet Ever Discovered Is About to Cruise by Earth

It is believed to measure between 60 and 100 miles in diameter.
Giant Comet

Astronomers confirmed the existence and direction of a huge comet.

According to The Daily Beast, the comet was discovered and named by University of Pennsylvania astronomers Gary Bernstein and Pedro Bernadinelli. The two discovered evidence of a comet measuring 60-100 miles across seven years ago. They finally published a paper in The Astrophysical Journal Letters last month, confirming their findings.

Dubbed the Bernardinelli-Bernstein (BB) comet, the astronomers also described it as the nearly spherical cow of comets in the paper.

En route to Earth

Most disconcerting is the fact the comet is heading towards Earth on a return journey that began during original astronomical events which created our planet billions years ago.



It will actually be close to Earth in 2031. It will cruise between Saturn and Uranus, which is a good thing for us.

A window into the past

Scientists believe it will offer them an incredible opportunity to study the object. They hope this will lead to groundbreaking discoveries about the history of the solar system before the planets were formed.

According to Bernardinelli, it is pristine. This object has seen very little since it was formed in the early days the solar system. We can see the past through its eyes.

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