Eternals' Chloé Zhao Exploring Origins of the Marvel Universe

The Eternals will not be able to make excuses for the upcoming Marvels feature from director Chlo Zhu. The Eternals are unable to deny the fact that the ancient heroes were content to endure multiple world-ending calamities. Their powers would have saved many lives and prevented others from inflicting havoc.

The Marvel Cinematic Universes Eternals, like their comics counterparts were given the task of protecting Earth from harm. However, this was only possible if the harm came from the Deviants (another group of mythic beings that have been featured in many Marvel projects). Numerous Celestials have been seen in films like Thor: The Dark World or Guardians of the Galaxy. This suggests that the MCU will be more wild in Jack Kirby's Celestials creatorimagination. Eternals is poised for deeper dives into their mythos, given the Eternals canonical connection to them.

The Celestials are described in Marvel's comics as the first known beings to ever have existed. They also played a part in creating at least one universe. Both Kevin Feige and Zhao believe that Eternals will tap into this idea. Fandango spoke with Zhao about Eternals, a new featurette that explores the creation of Marvel Universe. Zhao also explained how Eternals is intended to fundamentally recontextualize viewers understanding of Earth's place in the larger scheme of things. Zhao stated that a large part of the MCU's origin will be revealed to the public through the mythology and the Celestials. We will be able to understand the relationship between planet Earth and the cosmos by the end of this film. It would also have a major impact on the future direction of the MCU.

Although the Celestials comics are rich and complex, there are some elements that could be related to what Zhao or Feige have been discussing with Eternals. The comics reveal that the Celestials were one of two sentient races created by the First Firmament. This singular universe is completely devoid any intelligent life and sentient. The Celestials, unlike the Aspirants who modelled their orderly behavior after those of the First Firmaments, were thought to be chaotic and unruly because of their obsession in enacting organic evolution.

The war between the Aspirants, Celestials and the Aspirants is what resulted in the creation of Marvels comics multiverse. However, the bulk of their lore the Eternals may focus on is their role of being the architects of Earth's evolution process. This would eventually lead to the Deviants as well as the Eternals. Zhao views the Eternals in the same way as Earth's original heroes. They were supposed to step aside to allow the Earth to give birth to people like Tony Stark. A brief trailer of the film below shows a glimpse of this. It's not as though the Eternals are completely absent from this film. This is why it's difficult to understand how they will explain themselves to characters from past Marvel phases once Eternals hits theaters November 5.

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