Android TV: What is it, and should you buy a TV or a box with it?

Although we might be biased by stating this on an Android Central website, it is clear that Android is one of most versatile operating systems. It is most often associated with smartphones such as the Galaxy S21 or Pixel 5, but it can also power smartwatches and car infotainment systems. And even TVs. This is Android TV. This version of Android powers streaming boxes and smart TVs, and has been since 2014. While Android TV has been popularized by other platforms, such as Roku or Amazon's Fire TV, it is still worth looking into. Android TV is a great option if you love Google services and want to bring more smarts to your living room.
The NVIDIA Shield Android TV Android TV leads the pack. Without a doubt, it is the best way to experience Android TV. The small, compact gadget brings Android TV into your living room. It supports 4K HDR streaming, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and AI upscaling tech which converts HD content to 4K. Amazon: $145

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What is Android TV?

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Android TV, a special version of Android designed for TVs, is what we've already mentioned. The first version of Android TV was released in June 2014. The latest version, Android 12, will be available in September 2021. Android TV can be used to stream Netflix, Hulu and YouTube as well as many other streaming apps, just like other TV operating systems. Android TV supports some games. This allows you to have more interaction with your entertainment. The new Android TV interface has elements that were introduced in the new Google TV interface. This interface replaces the previous user interface (UI), which was available on all Android TV devices from 2021 and beyond. The Android 12 beta included a redesign to the home screen, which featured larger buttons, more animation, new widget styles, and a brighter green microphone icon. Android 12 introduced native support to take scrolling screenshots, and a feature that creates a color theme in the system menus based upon your wallpaper. Android 12 supports native 4K UI rendering. This improves the screen interface and makes visuals even more sharp. Android TV's previous versions had UI rendering set at 1080p with the option to upscale to 4K. Android TV has some privacy features that were introduced in Android 12 for phones. Privacy changes include the ability to quickly toggle access to the camera or microphone and to disable microphone audio and video access for all apps. Google Assistant on Android TV

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Android TV is a great option if you are a regular user of Google Assistant on your smartphone and smart speakers. Android TV has the Google Assistant built in, just like other Google gadgets. You can speak to the Google Assistant by clicking the Assistant button at top of screen or pressing the Assistant button on the remote. You can use it in many different ways. You can ask the Assistant to pause the TV, adjust the volume and open specific apps. It goes beyond voice commands playback controls. Ask the Assistant questions about the weather, Kylie Jenner's relationship status, and to turn off your living room lights. You can use the same Google Assistant that you love on your TV. Chromecast and Android TV: How it works

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It's great to browse for shows on the big screen using apps. But, for times when you don't have a TV, Android TV supports Chromecast. You can search for a YouTube or Netflix video on your phone. Simply tap the Chromecast icon from your phone and select your TV to send that video to your TV. This feature works with all apps that support Chromecast, such as Google Photos. Instead of looking at your family photos on your phone, you can easily display them on your TV with just a few taps. Android TV supports streaming boxes and dongles

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There are several ways you can get your hands on Android television. A streaming box with Android TV built in is the most cost-effective option. These small gadgets plug into your TV like a mini console and give you access to Android TV and all the perks it offers. An Android TV box can be used to add tons of features to a dumb TV or Roku TV that doesn't have a smart interface. The Xiaomi Mi Box S, and NVIDIA Shield Android television are our top two Android TV devices. The Mi Box S, which offers 4K HDR streaming and full Google Assistant integration, is one of the most affordable Android TVs on the market. The Shield TV is more costly, but it offers more features such as Dolby Atmos/Vision and AI HD-to-4K scaling. It also has a faster processor and NVIDIA's GeForceNow game streaming service. Android 12 also allows users to use their smartphone as a TV remote using Android TV OS streaming devices. This makes navigation easier. Many TVs come with Android TV built in.

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You can also upgrade your TV with Android TV if you have the money and you are looking to buy an upgraded TV. Although this is a more expensive purchase, if you don't need additional hardware for Android TV, it might be worth it. There are many solid options, including the Hisense 65H8F smart TV and almost all of Sony's smart TVs. What is the deal with Google TV

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It was announced that Google TV will be the new interface for Android TV, in line with Chromecast's 2020 launch with Google TV. The new Google TV interface is powered by Google's machine-learning, Google Assistant and the Google Knowledge Graph. It sits on top Android TV software. This interface makes it easy for users to search content from different streaming services on their TVs or monitors. The new interface features Google's content recommendations at the forefront and a Live tab that allows for TV-like integrations like YouTube TV. You can browse content by movie, show, or app in the Google TV interface. The Google TV app can be used to access your purchased content. Your viewing history is used to recommend content. You can now create profiles that are specifically designed for younger viewers. These profiles will feature recommended videos from kid-friendly applications. Bright colors and fun illustrations are part of the kid-specific Google TV interface. You can also choose background themes like "under the ocean" or "space travel," as well as profile avatars that are aimed at younger viewers. Future of Android TV

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It is worth noting that Google TV has been rolling out on Android TV devices, including the NVIDIA SHIELD TV and NVIDIA Shutter TV Pro. The entire range of Bravia smart TVs from Sony in 2021 also came with Google TV integrated. Google TV seems to be the future for Android TV with UI. However, Google also stated that it would continue to offer the generic Android TV interface until 2022 to a few other manufacturers like Sony. These contracts ensure that Android TV and Google TV interfaces can continue to exist for at least one year.