After uncharacteristic rash of turnovers, Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes says he has to 'reevaluate what I'm doing'

KANSAS CITY MO. After Sunday's 38-20 defeat to the Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes admitted responsibility for the problems plaguing the 2-3 Kansas City Chiefs. His turnovers were to blame.
After throwing two interceptions and losing one against the Bills, Mahomes stated that "it starts with me" -- Mahomes was responsible for three of his four turnovers. "It's something that I've never done in my career but I need to reevaluate where and what decisions I make.

"I was a crazy player in scrambling and throwing throws. In my career, I haven't been someone who throws many interceptions. It's time to take a look at it and reevaluate my actions.

After teams exchanged punts to start the second half -- which was delayed by lightning for an hour -- Mahomes slung the bullet from Tyreek Hill's hand to Bills safety Micah Hyde. Hyde had only mushy green fields in front of him. For his first career pick-6, he returned it 26 yards.

On their next possession, the Chiefs drove quickly into the Buffalo red zone. But Mahomes threw an interception that Greg Rousseau blasted at the line. It was intercepted by the rookie defensive end.

Andy Reid, Chiefs coach, stated that "We weren’t on the same page regarding the receivers and their plans and where they were going." "Gotta do a better job with that. You have to ensure that this happens."

Mahomes has had six turnovers, five of which were interceptions, in his three previous games. He is on pace to score 20 interceptions with six interceptions. In 2018, he reached 12 interceptions, which is his career record.

Reid stated, "We know that we can do better in turnovers and big plays -- we know what we're capable of." "I see that. It's just a matter of getting it done.

Mahomes is averaging 16. touchdown passes per season. However, he only has 2.67 touchdowns per interception. His career low percentage is 4.17, when he threw 50 touchdown pass to go with 12 interceptions.

Mahomes stated, "We know that we have what it takes" "It's about coming together now and finding a path to get there.

Next Sunday, the Chiefs will travel to Washington.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.