Blue Origin delays William Shatner's space flight

William Shatner (pictured September 2017, Captain James T. Kirk) is about to be the first guest aboard a Blue Origin rocket to take him to the last frontier.
Blue Origin said Sunday that it would delay a flight to transport actor William Shatner into space because of anticipated winds.

Shatner played Captain James T. Kirk on the cult TV series Star Trek. He will be the first guest aboard a Blue Origin suborbital Rocket to take him to the last frontier.

His historic flight was set for October 12.

A spokesperson for Blue Origin stated that the team had decided to delay the launch of NS-18 due to the forecasted winds Tuesday, October 12. They now plan to launch NS-18 Wednesday, October 13.

The new flight will depart at 8:30 AM (1330 GMT).

Shatner (90) will be the oldest person to ever go to space.

He and the NS-18 crew will travel to the Karman line at 62 miles (100 km) high. There they will feel four minutes of weightlessness, and look out at the curvature the planet.

Blue Origin's decision not to invite one the most well-known characters from science fiction has kept space tourism alive.

Fans will find the 10-minute trip from West Texas to Earth a fitting conclusion to a pop culture phenomenon which inspired generations of astronauts.

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