The formula for beating Alabama remains the same

Alabama was just beaten for the first-time in nearly two years Saturday.
This was one of the most surprising upsets in college football in recent seasons. Alabama is undoubtedly the best team in America. Only Georgia, at their best can keep them on the field.


The reason Bama lost yesterday was the same reason they lost every game under Nick Saban. Since 2008, when Saban began to have success, the formula for beating Alabama has been the same. Nick Saban can be defeated if you are able to throw the ball accurately and consistently and if your defense makes enough plays to stop touchdowns.

Jimbo Fisher was able get his players to do this. Zach Calzada was 21/31, 285 yards, and scored three touchdowns. He was also on the money in critical situations and was 21/31 for 285 yards. You will see a successful quarterback in every upset against the Crimson Tide during the Saban era. He was able make throws in tight windows, and dissect Alabama's secondary. Calzada made numerous throws that exposed Alabama's cornerbacks, and Fisher constantly put the Alabama defense at risk throughout the night.

Secondarily, defense was able make crucial plays that kept Alabama off the goal line. This forced Alabama into turnovers and forced them to settle for field goals at pivotal points in the game.

To beat Nick Saban-led teams, they must make big-time plays. Even then, they need to pray they become the Tennessee Volunteers' second coming. To take down the GOAT, any college football team needs to be firing on all cylinders.


This is not something you should get used to. It wouldn't surprise me if Bama still holds the national championship trophy, despite the College Station hiccup. Oklahoma has some tough games against Iowa State or Oklahoma State. The CFB season is unpredictable, so Oklahoma will still have to play.