World Cup 2022 Qatar: Which European countries can qualify this week?

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Denmark and Germany could be in the World Cup next week. Belgium could also qualify, but England will have to wait.

BBC Sport examines what could happen this week, with only three games left for European teams participating in World Cup qualifying.

We also examine the situations of our home countries.


Germany could qualify for the World Cup if they defeat second-placed North Macedonia or Armenia and do not lose to Romania (both games at 19:45 BST).

Germany would need to wait until next month if third-placed Armenia wins, even though their goal difference makes it almost certain.

Denmark (and Scotland).

Denmark, who defeated Moldova 4-0 on Saturday, will qualify for the World Cup in case they win against Austria on Tuesday (19.45 BST).

If they match Scotland's win against the Faroe Islands, they can drop points.

If Scotland wins two of its final three games, they can qualify for a playoff. If they win, and Austria (at home in Moldova) lose, they could qualify for a play-off place on Tuesday.

Belgium (and Wales).

Belgium can still qualify for the World Cup, even though they were playing in the Nations League this week and not the qualifiers.

Roberto Martinez will go to Qatar if Wales does not beat Estonia in Tallinn on Monday at 19:45 BST.

To finish first, Wales would have to win their three previous games. Let's hope Belgium loses both. They would be in the play-off position if they score a point or more in Estonia, which will take them to the second round of games next month.

Robert Page's team has a good chance to qualify for the play-offs, even if they don't finish in the top 2.


England will need to wait until next month in order to secure their place at the World Cup because of a late Albanian victory in Hungary.

England hosts Hungary on Tuesday, 19:45 BST. However, it cannot keep pace with Poland or Albania because they are playing each other.

Gareth Southgate's team needs two wins in their last three games to be certain.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's hopes of winning the European Championship were dashed Saturday by Switzerland.

They will visit Bulgaria on Tuesday, 19:45 BST. Knowing that defeat could prevent them from reaching the World Cup, they will be visiting Bulgaria.