William Shatner's Blue Origin launch delayed to Wednesday due to weather

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos and the suborbital New Shepard launch vehicle of the company are shown in this collage. William Shatner is seen as Captain James T. Kirk, "Star Trek."
William Shatner will need to wait until the last frontier is reached.

Blue Origin has moved the next launch of its New Shepard car, which will transport Shatner and three others to suborbital space, from Tuesday (Oct.12) to Wednesday (Oct.13) because of weather concerns.

Blue Origin's West Texas facility, near Van Horn, will be the launch site for the mission known as NS-18. Blue Origin representatives announced via Twitter that Tuesday's winds are likely to be unfavorable.

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Launch is scheduled for Wednesday, at 9:30 AM EDT (1330 GMT). Space.com has the live stream. Blue Origin also provides direct links to the company. The coverage will start 90 minutes prior to liftoff.

NS-18 will mark the 18th flight overall for New Shepard, and it's second crewed launch. Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark, aviation pioneer Wally Funk, and Dutch student Oliver Daemen took the first crewed mission to orbit on July 20.

The 18-year old Daemen and 82-yearold Funk became the oldest and youngest people to ever reach space on that flight. When NS-18 reaches the final frontier, Shatner (90) will take the crown of the oldest person to space from Funk.

Audrey Powers, Blue Origin’s vice president for mission and flight operations, and Chris Boshuizen (co-founder of Planet's Earth-observation company), will be joining the actor in "Star Trek" on the next mission. Glen de Vries is vice chair for life sciences at Dassault Systmes.

Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin's main competitor, sells seats aboard its VSS Unity spaceplan for $450,000 each. Blue Origin has not revealed the cost of a New Shepard ticket.