Zach Wilson says New York Jets' slow offensive starts 'crushing us'

Jets QB Zach Wilson is picked off by Falcons and then throws a pass off his teammate's helmet during the next drive. (0:17).
It's the same story week after week: The New York Jets offense doesn't appear until the second quarter. It's really frustrating quarterback Zach Wilson who said Sunday that there was a "confidence problem" and that early deficits are "crushing us".

Wilson stated that the Atlanta Falcons lost 27-20 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London. Wilson agreed. We have to break the bad habit of starting. ... It is impossible to keep trying to get from behind. It is impossible to be the NFL's leader and never fall behind.

The Jets fell to 1-4 at halftime. They trailed 20-3. They managed only 80 yards total and five first downs. Their synchronization was so poor that Wilson on a screen pass hit Morgan Moses right in the back with an errant pass.

The Jets were outscored 75-13 in the first quarter. This continues a disturbing pattern. They were the first team to score seven fewer points in halftime in any of their five previous games since 2015 San Francisco 49ers. Wilson (19-for 32, 192 yards and one interception), was to blame.

He said, "We must come out slinging that thing from the beginning." I have to just throw the thing and make the right readings. Some throws were missed. I cannot miss throws. These are not difficult throws. We are in a good place because of the coaches. It's time to gain some momentum."

Wilson was named the NFL Rookie-of-the Week for his performance against the Tennessee Titans in Week 4. He had just 65 passing yards when the game ended at 9:30. He has shown that he can make off-script plays but struggles with easy throws from his pocket.

Robert Saleh, coach, said that it was very simple to stand at the driving range and hit 300-yard drives. It's not difficult to do when you're in a teebox with water on your left, and sand your right. He has to improve on that and so do the coaches.

Saleh admitted that the Jets need to "start faster", and he's putting it on me to do so -- a bye. Wide receiver Corey Davis stated that players should relax.

He said, "We know that we are better than 1-4." "That's how the locker room energy feels. The dudes are angry, disappointed and frustrated. All kinds of emotions are possible."

On their first two possessions, the Jets went three-and out. Wilson was intercepted on their third possession. They were down 17-0 by that point. According to Saleh, the Falcons (2-3), had a conservative passing attack. However, they played a lot more two-deep safety looks.

The Jets should have been able to run against lighter boxes in that instance, but they also didn't. They ran for just 64 yards, with Ty Johnson and Michael Carter each running for a touchdown.

Wide receivers also struggled as Elijah Moore, Jamison Crowder, and Davis combined for just 10 catches, three of which were in the first half. Moore, a rookie, was not targeted and was shut out. Wilson was confused.

He said that he didn't know why the slow start. We have to figure out how to fix it this week. It is important that I play better from the beginning. It's very interesting. We've done well in the second half of each game. We know what's possible and are able to demonstrate it at the final. It's not possible to do it three-and-out." It is not possible to start three-and-out.

With 6:55 remaining in the game, the Jets were within 20-17 of Carter's touchdown. But the defense, which was already exhausted at that point, quickly surrendered a 75 yard touchdown drive to win the game.

Mike LaFleur, the first-time offensive coordinator, is getting a lot of criticism for his struggles. Wilson's improvisation was the key to last week’s victory over the Titans. Saleh supported LaFleur by saying that he considered it "a very aggressive game" in London. The Jets have placed too much pressure on their young quarterback with early deficits. Wilson stated, "We need to get moving." I must make plays. This offense must be started.