Marvel's Spider-Man and Iron Man Manga Releases in 2022

Marvel announced earlier this year a partnership with Viz Media, a manga publishing company. Marvel will release the first manga from their deal next week.

Secret Reverse, a Spider-Man/Iron Man partnership will emerge following the publication of Deadpool's manga. The story features the Armored Avenger and the wallcrawler traveling to Japan to fight an evil gaming magnate who has evil technology in his possession. The manga was originally published in 2019 by Marvel and Shonen jump as part of a collaboration. A splashy cover featuring the heroes was also revealed. Kazuki Takahashi is the author of Yu-Gi-Oh! whose anime adaptation continues its amazing meme impact. Although it's unlikely, it would be amazing if they were actually fighting Seto Kaiba, the mad billionaire.

Marvel is trying to get back to manga, a medium that it only occasionally reaches in North America. Their biggest foray into manga, aside from the 2014 crossover with Attack on Titan was the Mangaverse in the early-to mid 2000s. It had some crazy concepts. Black Panther could be the Falcon due to a totem. Ghost Rider and Helstrom were Satan's sons. Things were...interesting for Iron Man and Spidey, specifically. Spider-Man was the last of a ninja clan whose uncle Ben was murdered by Venom at Kingpins orders. What about Mangaverse Iron Man? Toni, his sister, took over the role of Mangaverse Iron Man and he became a floating head in an jar. However, he still had suits of armor and they looked just like the mechas that were popular at the time. They could be combined to make an even larger mecha called Ultimate Iron Man.

Secret Reverse will be available on shelves this summer 2022.

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