The Country of Lebanon’s Entire Electric Grid Just Collapsed

"The situation is dire."
Power down

The entire electricity grid of Lebanon collapsed Saturday after the country's two major power stations ran out fuel.

According to The Washington Post, for months the country provided electricity only for a few hours per day. Yesterday, the diesel fuel ran out at two of Lebanon's power stations, Deir ammar and Zahrani. This left the country without electricity. It is expected that the outage will last for days.

The Lebanese government has attempted to solve the problem by obtaining emergency fuel from the army, and other sources until it receives and distributes an oil shipment from Iraq.

Dire Situation

All of this is set against the grim backdrop of the harsh circumstances in Lebanon.



In 2019, the country's banking system crashed, leaving many of its citizens in poverty. According to the World Bank, the country was one of the most severe financial crises in the last 150 years.

The country was unable to supply electricity 24 hours a day for decades. The situation has been made worse by corruption and economic collapse.

It is very drastic and has been for quite some time, the Lebanon's energy minister Walid Fayyad told The Washington Post. People can get by with their basic needs in a matter of hours. But the situation is not good enough and we need more hours than that.

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