New trailers: Star Trek: Discovery, Doctor Who: Flux, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and more

Jason Sudeikis had described season 2 of Ted Lasso's Empire Strikes Back as the show's second season. The entire season was focused on fathers/son relationships, and we now have a clear enemy for season 3. Although season two wasn't as popular as the first, Ted Lasso tackled some difficult issues regarding men, sports, and mental health and managed to make me smile almost every week. This show will be missed until next year.
I also binged-watched Midnight Mass on Netflix, an informative but not fully-baked look at organized religion. I am still watching The Morning Show, which has become quite spicy due to Julianna Margulies.

This weeks theme: Titles with colons in them. These trailers were dropped at New York Comic Con on Saturday. A recap will be posted Monday by The Verge.

Here's this week's roundup:

Star Trek: Discovery

Discovery's fourth season features Michael Burnham as the captain of the ship (yesss). According to the promo copy, the crew and she face a danger unlike anything they have ever faced. It's a huge anomaly that threatens the galaxy, Federation or not. Sonequa Martin Green, Anthony Rapp and Mary Wiseman return to season four. The trailer also shows us glimpses of guest stars Oded Fehr and Tig Notaro. Star Trek: Discovery bravely heads (sorry,) to Paramount Plus November 18th.

Doctor Who: Flux

We don't get any hint as to who the next Doctor will look like. It's barely a teaser, at just 19 seconds long. But we get some information about season 13. Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker), tells us that we don't have much time, and warns us that the flux is coming. It will bring with it many enemies from across the universe.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus

Blade Runner's new anime series is set in Los Angeles, 2032. It is about halfway between Blade Runner 2049 and Blade Runner 2032. A teaser was released a few months back, but the trailer shows Elle, a replicant, wondering why her dreams are worsening. She then decides to kill all of them, even though we don't know their identities. The trailer's animation is stunning, especially the scenes in LA's seedy future. Blade Runner: Black Lotus will be available on Crunchyroll, Adult Swim and Adult Swim starting November 13th.


After several delays due to pandemics and a few trailers and teasers, we finally get one Dune trailer. We get to see some of the movie's massive battle sequences (look at the ornithopters!) and be reminded that fear can kill the mind. We are all prepared. Let's get started. Dune will be in theaters and HBO Max starting October 22nd.


A series about an action series about a woman who is made into a super soldier through a government program is so pertinent to my interests it almost seems comical. Yet, I have not watched Hanna. The third season will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting November 24th. I have time to catch up with seasons one and 2. Along with Mireille Enos and Dermot Mulroney stars Esme Creed Miles.