A Black realtor who was handcuffed by police in Michigan as he was showing a home to a Black father and his son has filed a lawsuit

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A federal lawsuit was filed against Wyoming, Michigan's city police chief and six officers.

According to the lawsuit, Eric Brown, a realtor representing Roy Thorne, suffered emotional distress when police arrived at his house and handcuffed him and Roy Thorne.

The attorneys for Thorne and Brown are asking for a trial by jury.

A Black agent in real estate was arrested August while showing a client a property. He has now filed a lawsuit.

Eric Brown was showing a Wyoming home to Roy Thorne (Army vet) and Thorne's son (15 years old), all Black. Police surrounded the house and took out their guns during the showing. All were asked to go outside and were then handcuffed and taken into separate vehicles.

Police were told by police that someone had broken into the home weeks before and that a neighbor called to report it. The neighbor claimed she thought she recognized the car as the same black Mercedes that was used by the burglar.

Outside the house, there was no Mercedes. Thorne and Brown had driven to the home in a Chevrolet, and Thorne in a Hyundai.

On October 1, the three filed a federal lawsuit at the US District Court in the Western District of Michigan.

The suit names Wyoming, Michigan, the Wyoming Police Chief and six officers as defendants.

The complaint states that the six officers used excessive force and unlawful detention to violate their civil rights. Plaintiffs' attorney requested a jury trial and asked for full and fair compensatory damages, which will be determined by the members.

Plaintiffs also seek "punitive damages", in an amount yet unknown.

The complaint states that the defendants' behavior was reckless and intentional, and also extremely and outlandish. This caused plaintiffs severe emotional distress."

Although the city of Wyoming didn't immediately respond to Insiders' request for comment, they declined to comment on the pending suit when CNN reached them.

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