Sen. Ted Cruz shamelessly mocked Biden for going on 'vacation' by dredging up controversial Cancun trip, which he took during Texas crisis

Ted Cruz, a Texas senator, traveled to Cancun Mexico during a historic winter freeze in February 2021 that left many Texans homeless. Stringer/Reuters
Ted Cruz, a Texas senator, mocked President Joe Biden's vacation plans by invoking his February 2021 trip to Cancun.

Biden spent many weekends in Delaware during his presidency.

Cruz fled Texas to Cancun in February's historic winter freeze, which left 210 people dead.

Ted Cruz, a Texas senator, took aim at President Joe Biden's weekend away from his White House. He recalled about his controversial February vacation to Cancun Mexico during a Texas weather crisis.

Biden will spend the weekend in Delaware, which is something he has done repeatedly throughout his political career. Biden was criticized by the Republican Party for his trip to Delaware, claiming that he went "on vacation".

The Republican National Committee tweeted, "Joe Biden decided to go on vacation yet again." "He is fleeing from all the problems that he has created."

Cruz replied with the following tweet: "Cancun's beautiful this time of the year."

Cruz, a strong Republican, referred to his controversial trip in Cancun, Mexico, with his family, during a historic winter freeze, which left 210 Texans dead in February 2021. After photos of Cruz and his family at the airport as well as on an airplane to Cancun became viral on Twitter, Cruz returned to Texas the following day.

Cruz stated that it was obvious that he made a mistake, and in hindsight it would have been a mistake again. He also said that he wasn't trying to minimize the hardship and suffering other Texans had endured. He said he was trying be a good father by getting his daughters out of the cold.

Biden is not the first to make weekend trips to his home state. Biden used to take the train from Washington, D.C. every night during his time as a senator, so he could spend quality time with his family. NPR reported that Biden had spent less weekends at the White House by August than former Presidents Donald Trump or Barack Obama.

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