14 early 2000s movies you forgot about to watch on HBO Max

Some of the most iconic films were made in 2000s. The legends of Lord of the Rings and The Matrix can all be traced back to the first decade of the new millennium. These movies are still available on HBOMax. You also have access to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Training Day. They are all available on HBOMax and they don't belong here.
This is a list of 2000s movies that have, for some reason, not stayed as fresh as I Am Legend. Maybe they were budget-conscious movies that were overshadowed in the Star Wars prequels. Perhaps they were movies that you enjoyed but didn't watch again. Or they could have been award-winners if they hadn't premiered in the same year of Slumdog Millionaire. No matter what the reason, these movies will bring you joy because they remind you that they exist.

1. Matchstick Men (2003)

Nicolas Cage, a Los Angeles con artist, discovers he has a 14 year-old daughter. This dark comedy, directed by Ridley Scott is both hilarious and deeply absorbing. Sam Rockwell is an absolute star (when is that not?). Cages' protg Sam Rockwell shines, while Alison Lohman shines in the role of Cages' young daughter. The entire series of Matchstick Men is worth a rewatch. It will charm you just as much as the characters. There were many con-artist comedies back in the 2000s. These included Heartbreakers, Catch Me If You Can and Matchstick Men. Before the 2007 crash in the housing market, it was much more fun to smuggle regular people!

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2. The Town (2010)

Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall in "The Town" (2010). Credit: Warner Bros / Kobal / Shutterstock

Ben Affleck saw himself in the mirror, and decided to make a movie about Boston. Although it may seem absurd, The Town is an amazingly well-received film that audiences and critics alike love. Its impressive ensemble cast includes Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively and Titus Welliver, as well as Chris Cooper and Pete Postlethwaite. You'll love the famous (and sometimes clichéd) Boston accents. But, you will be drawn to the well-written, tense plot of your new favorite crime thriller.

How to Watch: The Town can be viewed on HBO Max.

3. Blue Crush (2002)

Baby, it's the new millennium! Surfing is now possible for women! The film stars Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez as female surfers. They clean hotels during the day, then surf Hawaii's famous waves at night. Bosworth was on the verge of becoming a professional surfer, but a terrible accident stopped her progress. Will she be able to regain her confidence before the next competition? Although the plot is familiar, the surfing sequences are new and exciting. It's like a sunny summer day. The movie is bright and cheerful. Bosworth's love interest Matthew Davis will make you squeal with delight. You may also recognize Matthew Davis from Legally Blonde. We promise he's a good man this time!

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4. Changeling (2008)

Changeling is Clint Eastwood's meaty drama. Angelina Jolie plays a delicate, if not overtly dramatic, role. This moving film is about Christine Collins, a mother in 1920s Los Angeles who lost her son. She claims that the LAPD has brought back the wrong child after they announce they have found the boy. The LAPD disagrees. The following is the heartbreaking story of a mother who will do anything to get her son back and the powerful forces that conspire to keep her quiet.

It is amazing to see the transformation of Collins, due in large part to the fact that the actual events that led up the gaslighting and sexism as well as the emotional abuse he endures, are true. J. Michael Straczynski, screenwriter, meticulously added newspaper clippings to each scene. Changeling can legally be considered a true story instead of being based on historical dramas like many others. Changeling is an unforgettable film with Jolie's magnetic performance. Its themes are still relevant today.

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5. Romeo Must Die (2000)

Romeo Must Die, a hip-hop/kung fu adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, stars Jet Li and Aaliyah. Let that sink in for a minute. It was a great time to live in the 2000s! This movie is not about feuding families but rather, it shows us the conflict between African American and Chinese gangs in Oakland. The plot is a little slow at times, but what you are really there for are the incredible martial arts sequences and the R&B and hip-hop beats. Although this juxtaposition is quite common today, it was still very provocative back then, and Jet Lis' performance became his most memorable role for American audiences. Aaliyah was also praised for her role, which was her first acting role and the only film she made in her life.

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6. The Brothers Grimm (2005)

Heath Ledger, Matt Damon and Terry Gilliam in Terry Gilliam’s comedy "The Brothers Grimm." Credit: Dimension / Miramax / Kobal / Shutterstock

Heath Ledger and Matt Damon in an adventure movie about 18th century brothers fighting supernatural forces? Yes, we were interested. The Brothers Grimm describes the titular couple as traveling con artists (!) They perform fake exorcisms to make money until they find a dangerous and real fairy tale curse. This movie is not good, but we can call it hilarious and enjoyable. This movie is the epitome of early 2000s movie-making. It's entertainment at its best, with no deeper meaning. Hollywood was willing to make any movie about anything, as long as it had a major name attached. This movie is a great choice for nights when you just want to relax and enjoy something simple and entertaining. You should keep an eye out for a preGame of Thrones, prefame Lena Headey.

How to Watch: The Brothers Grimm can be viewed on HBO Max.

7. Volver (2006)

You probably didn't pay attention to foreign films if you spent your 2000s watching entertainment fluff such as the Brothers Grimm. Let's correct that mistake, shall we? Volver is a story about a strong family of women who live just south of Madrid. It was written and directed by Pedro Almodvar. As Raimunda (a working-class mother who will stop at nothing to protect her daughter), Penlope Cruz shines brightly as the glowing Penlope Cruz. She is a confident actress and is a shining example of the spirit of her grandmother. Volver, an international film, was a huge success. It received critical acclaim and nominations for Academy Award, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and BAFTA awards. This moving and sincere comedy is both a drama and a comedy. It will make you laugh often and feel deeply.

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8. Robots (2005)

2005s Robots is a great throwback watch that will delight the kids. Ewan McGregor and Robin Williams, Halle Berry and Dianne Wiest are among the many characters in 2005's Robots. We also have Mel Brooks, Jennifer Coolidge (Jim Broadbent), Amanda Bynes, and so many more that we won't be able to list them all! This animated sci-fi adventure is high-energy and stars Ewan McGregor. Rodney Copperbottom (McGregor), a young inventor, becomes a hero in his community when he repairs old or damaged robots. Is this the company trying to sell upgrades for these busted robots at an extremely high price? They are pissed. Robots is a family-friendly movie that captures the magic of robotics. Its transportation system is essentially a Rube Goldberg Machine. Robots is a great choice for a movie night with the kids.

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9. Love and Basketball ((2000)

Gina Prince-Bythewood claimed that she set out to write Love and Basketball in order to create Black When Harry Met Sally. Instead, she created a cultural touchstone that was hugely successful and has earned its place in cinema history. Monica and Quincy are best friends and lifelong neighbors Omar Epps. The film follows their journey as childhood friends, lovers, and pro-ball players. Each face their own challenges. Love and Basketball features two strong performances by its leads. It is both a tender and confident film. This movie has it all: a thrilling sports drama, a captivating romance, and something for everyone.

How to Watch: Love and Basketball are streaming on HBO Max.

10. Rat Race (2001).

Rowan Atkinson portrays a narcoleptic Italian character in "Rat Race" 2001 comedy. Credit: Suzanne Tenner / Alphaville / Paramount / Seven Arts / Kobal / Shutterstock

Rat Race is a classic farce. It is absurd in its premise, outrageous in its jokes, and will probably elicit some groans. But that doesn't mean it won't make you laugh. Rat Race is a spoof of the 60s smash Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. It starts with John Cleese, an eccentric billionaire, challenging six teams to race from Las Vegas, New Mexico to find $2 million he has hidden in a duffel bag. This cast is outstanding, with Rowan Atkinson and Whoopi Goldberg and Amy Smart and Breckin Meyer all fighting for the cash. Although it's silly and over-the-top and some of the jokes are outdated, Rat Race was a popular comedy in 2000s. It can still be a warmhearted laugh 20 years later.

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11. Constantine (2005)

Keanu Reeves, who was John Wick before he became Neo, was Constantine. He was an exorcist with a bad attitude, and the ability see half-demons and angels living secretly as humans. It seems like the former might have something in common with the latter. Constantine, based on the DC Comics series Hellblazer is a dark fantasy thriller packed with superhero vibes and religious iconography. Tilda Swinton and Shia LaBeouf along with Djimon Hopunsou lend their talents to the film. Tilda Swinton is particularly at her best as an androgynous, half-angel. Although Constantine has drawn comparisons to the Matrix trilogy, it is still a worthy film for fantasy and horror fans.

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12. Insomnia (2002/02)

Did you remember the brief time Robin Williams took on the role of the villain in an attempt to play against his peers? Enter Insomnia. The psychological thriller by Christopher Nolan, Insomnia pits Al Pacino's slow-unraveling detective against Williams' creepy killer. The film's unpredictable atmosphere and Alaskan setting reflect the characters' moral ambiguity.

Insomnia has been praised by everyone.

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13. Igby Goes Down (2002/02/01)

Most of us were too distracted by Lord of the Rings 1000 times to notice the comedy-drama Igby Goes Down in the 2000s. Kieran Culkin plays Igby, a young disillusioned teenager who rebels against his East Coast family's old money and finds himself in New York's underground scene. Claire Danes and Jeff Goldblum are joined by Amanda Peet, Jared Harris, Bill Pullman, Ryan Phillippe, Ryan Phillippe, Jared Harris, and Ryan Phillippe. Susan Sarandon is Igby's self-absorbed mom, which makes for a memorable performance. Don't wait another second if you missed this touching and funny film the first time around. As the film pans over the NYC skyline, you might notice something: Igby Goes Down was one of the last films to show the World Trade Center towers intact.

How to Watch: Igby Goes Down streaming on HBO Max

14. Gigli (2003)

Let's face it, Gigli is an objectively horrible movie. Gigli is a confusing, clumsy and offensive movie. It is widely considered one of the most terrible movies ever made. It is rated 6% by Rotten Tomatoes. 6 %!!! A year ago, we wouldn't have considered Gigli a contender for this list. We would rather it fade into the ether as a bad nightmare. But this is where J.Lo met Ben Affleck. This terrible movie is now relevant again, as we live in the most darkest time. J.Lo and Ben Affleck's recent reunion is the only light that propels us forward towards hope.

Gigli (irritatingly pronounced JEE'lee), Lopez and Affleck team up to kidnap a brother of a federal prosecutor. This is not the reason you would watch this movie. This movie is about the first Bennifer sparks that twinkle in the universe. You might not get that, though: At the time, critics complained about the lackluster chemistry between the leads. It is truly shocking how terrible this movie is! You can watch Gigli or not (maybe not), but we wouldn't have done our journalistic duty had we not noted that it is currently available on HBOMax. We are sorry, but you're welcome.