'SNL' torches the tech-dumb Senate in a Facebook whistleblower cold open

Did you notice how Sen. Richard Blumenthal looked so confused when he asked about "finsta accounts" at the Facebook whistleblower hearing. Well, Saturday Night Live sure took note.
In the latest episode, Frances Haugen (Heidi Gardner), a senator who was preparing for the Senate hearing, sat patiently answering a series of increasingly personal and confusing questions from U.S. officials. There were some senators who should have prepared better. This bipartisan takedown features Ted Cruz (Aidy Britt) asking for help to get people to stop laughing at him online and Cory Booker, (Chris Redd), naming his celeb girlfriend Rosario Dawson.

Alex Moffat, the Facebook CEO and founder, makes a brief appearance. But it's Tom (Pete Davidson), who saves the day (and the joke) in the end.