Senior citizen advocacy group tells Congress that Social Security recipients should get $1,400 stimulus payment

The Senior Citizens League requested $1,400 in stimulus checks from Congress to social security recipients.
According to the group, seniors said that their government had forgotten about them.

According to AARP, Social Security recipients will see a 6% increase in their payments next fiscal year.

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An advocacy group representing senior citizens asked Congress to send $1.400 in stimulus payments to Social Security recipients, who are facing rising living costs.

In a letter addressed to Senate and House leaders, the Senior Citizens League stated that many seniors have had their financial situation worsened by the government.

The biggest increase since 2017 was a 1.3% increase in the cost of living for Social Security beneficiaries.

"We have heard from thousands [of seniors] who have exhausted all their retirement savings," the group sent a letter earlier this month.

According to the group, senior citizens are rationing prescription drugs as their savings shrink.

Others shared with the group that they have "reduced their meals to one per day." The group stated that these were only "a few of many drastic steps so people have had to take due to what inflation has done this year."

According to AARP and other outlets, Social Security beneficiaries will see a 6% increase in their payments next year as a cost of living increase. The group warned that this increase could lead to higher tax rates for some. These higher costs could be offset by the $1,400 stimulus.

The group stated in a blog post that while Congress is unlikely to act on the proposal this year, if enough seniors support it, it could become a major issue next season and that Congressional support will grow.

According to ProPublica's public lobbying data, the group has spent more that $2 million lobbying Washington legislators on senior issues since 2005.