Sources -- Russell Wilson's doctors believe Seattle Seahawks QB has realistic chance to return in 4 weeks

Multiple doctors thought Russell Wilson would be out of surgery for at least six weeks when he was wheeled in on Friday.
Sources told ESPN that Wilson had been able to recover from his fractured right middle finger by the time he was discharged from surgery.

ESPN's source said that "That's the hope now and depending on other factors, that could be possible."

Doctors and the Seahawks agreed that Wilson's injury, which was sustained in Thursday's loss to Los Angeles Rams, should be treated within four weeks.

Wilson broke a tendon in the middle of his throwing finger and also sustained a fracture-dislocation during Seattle's 26-17 loss. The Seahawks announced Friday that Wilson, an eight-time Pro Bowler, began therapy and that they are "highly anticipating" that he will be back to play in the second half of this season.

Wilson will be absent from Sunday's Steelers game in Pittsburgh. He will then miss home games against Saints and Jaguars, before Seattle's bye week 9. It's possible Wilson will return to Green Bay in Week 10, if his rehabilitation and recovery goes well. Wilson will play against Aaron Rodgers, the Packers.

Wilson's streak with 149 consecutive starts will end for now. He hasn't missed a practice in nine of his nine seasons with the Seahawks. His streak of 149 consecutive starts ranks him as the longest active quarterback. Elias Sports Bureau says that only Peyton Manning (28) has started more consecutive games in his career as a quarterback since the 1970 merger.

Wilson has suffered a number of notable injuries including a sprained ankle in 2016 and a sprained MCL. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll stated that "everyone was together", Thursday night when it came to the decision to insert Geno Smith after it became apparent that Wilson wasn't able to grip the ball enough to throw it. Carroll insisted Friday that Wilson's problem is not one of pain management.