Tyson Fury says he is 'greatest heavyweight of my era' after beating Deontay Wilder

Fury knocked Wilder to the ground for the third time in order to win the fight.
After retaining his WBC title in a classic fight against Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury of Britain was crowned the "greatest heavyweight" of his era.

After being twice knocked down by Wilder in an exciting third encounter between them, the 33-year old stopped Wilder in round 11.

The fight came after a heated exchange during fight week, in which both fighters fought one another in a bitter war of words.

Fury said, "I have proven time and again that my life is not over."

"I wasn't the best performer, but I pulled it out when it was needed.

"I am without doubt the greatest heavyweight champion of all time." Number 1. You will burn if you continue to play with fire.

The fight ended in a draw. Fury, who was unbeaten, won their second bout with a stoppage in the seventh round 20 months later.

After inflicting only the second defeat of Wilder’s career, Fury stated that Wilder did not want to engage and quickly left the arena.

Fury said, "I went over to him and said good job and he said that he didn’t want to show any sportsmanship and respect." That surprised me greatly. He is an idiot.

"I pray for him. It is a blessing that all of us survived the fight and are able to return home to our families.

Wilder was admitted to the hospital after the fight as a precaution.

He said, "I don't know what happened." "I know he did certain things in training, and I also knew he wasn't 277lbs to be ballet dancer.

"He came to me to lean on and try to rough me up, and he succeeded."

Both fighters were at their heaviest ever in their careers. Fury weighed 39lbs more than his opponent. However, Fury said that Wilder (17st) was too heavy for him.

Fury said, "It was an amazing fight." "I won't make excuses. Wilder is a great fighter. He gave me a run for money.

"I always claim I am the greatest fighter in the world, and he is the 2nd best. Don't ever doubt me. If the chips are low, I will always deliver.

Fury said, "Before i start thinking about fighting another man, I will bask at this victory."

"This was one my greatest victories. It was a great feat of strength. I am the biggest dog in the division."

"Wilder was a good partner in dance, but it's over" - Fury proud to keep the crown

"You need a good partner to dance with"

Wilder fell in the 11th round. Fury, who knew he had won, jumped onto the ropes and was proud of his performance.

He told BBC Sport that although there were some "shaky" moments, he never lost his faith.

"I persevered and kept going until I got the punch knockout. When I hit it, I immediately jumped on to the ropes. I knew he wouldn't get up after that.

"It was an excellent trilogy and you need a dance partner for trilogies. Wilder has been a good partner, but there is no rematch clause. It is done. Wilder is over. Deontay Wilder is done."

Steve Bunce, a boxing expert, said that he is untouchable when he is determined. These were heavy knockdowns that he suffered when he fell in the fourth. He managed to get his eyes open in the fifth, despite them becoming cloudy. He is an exceptional human being.

It was a rollercoaster ride and Wilder's heart, desire and guts made it to the 11th round. Although he might not be everyone’s cup of tea, he is courageous and fearless.

The greatest heavyweight fight ever?

Bob Arum, Fury's promoter, has seen it all over his long career in boxing. But he said this fight was the best he had ever seen.

He said, "I have been in the promotion business for 57 years and I can honestly say that I have never seen a heavierweight fight this spectacular."

"I am proud of the man to my right. He has shown heart and ability. He is truly a fighter man."

Bunce said on BBC Breakfast that it was the "best fight I have ever seen in flesh" and the "best I have ever seen on film.

"I don't know how to describe it. I was about five feet away from the ring. I sat down with my jaw on my cheeks. You saw tonight what Rocky looks like in the Teletubbies.


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