VIDEO: A bystander filmed LAPD officers storming an apartment where they fatally shot a man who took a woman hostage

Members of the LAPD move towards City Hall in downtown Los Angeles. Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
LAPD began receiving calls about the suspect around 4 p.m. when he attempted to shoot another man.

A bullet from the suspect's gun struck a 14-year old boy at one point in his crime spree.

The suspect is seen holding a woman hostage in a video that was taken by someone who had a view of the apartment.

Officers from Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), shot and killed a man they claimed had blocked their way and was holding a hostage inside a downtown high rise after he had committed several crimes in the vicinity.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the hostage, an unnamed female, is now in stable condition.

LAPD Headquarters tweeted that the Central Division received radio calls about a man carrying a gun and approaching an individual near Eighth Street. According to LAPD Headquarters tweets, the suspect attempted to shoot the person but then went into a 700 block Broadway business where he shot at three family members and touched the head of a 14 year-old.

According to the Police Department, the teen is being treated at a local hospital. He is expected to survive.

The suspect then attempted to carjack a woman from Sixth Street and Spring Streets, but failed, and then he fought with a man riding his bike. According to LAPD Headquarters, security officers led police to an apartment building on Sixth Street and Main streets. There they found the suspect holding a hostage woman in a hallway.

"While LAPD officers were outside the complex, they saw through a glass that the suspect was holding a gun to hostages' heads. SWAT entered the apartment because of the hostage's fear that the suspect would kill him.

An individual took a video of the suspect and showed it to others. The suspect was seen holding a knife or gun to the woman's forehead and then moving the victim around the room. SWAT descends upon the apartment and fires several shots at suspect. He then dies.

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Warning: This video contains graphic content.

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