Tucker Carlson cites a 'smart analysis' from the Unabomber's manifesto during an interview with Andrew Yang about America's two-party system

Andrew Yang declared on October 4, that he would be leaving the Democratic Party in order to form a third party.
Tucker Carlson claimed that Unabomber Ted Kaczynski made a "smart assessment" of the system's workings.

Yang's third party is the Forward Party. It currently exists as an action committee.

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Tucker Carlson, a Fox News figurehead, cited Unabomber Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto in Wednesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. This was during a discussion with Andrew Yang, formerly Democratic presidential candidate and New York City mayoral hopeful on the country’s two-party system.

Yang appeared on the talk-show three days after he had announced his resignation from the Democratic Party in order to form a third party, possibly called the "Forward Party". Carlson was informed by Yang that he wanted to end the two-party system and temper political polarization. He also wanted to find a "middle ground" in American politics.

Carlson replied that he believed the Unabomber had written a convincingly "smart" analysis about how systems work, despite being a terrible person.

"[The Unabomber's] argument says that large organizations can become self-preservation projects over time. A large system protects itself in the end. Carlson stated that our two-party system falls into this category.

CNN anchor Jim Acosta asked Yang Saturday about his decision on Fox to air on the show. He called Carlson a "bad guy" who "spreads white nationalist talking points."

Yang replied, "As you all know, Tucker commands an enormous audience. If you want to create a united popular movement that draws attention to the fact our system isn't working for anybody, you need to again reach out." That's what I was doing with that show.

The Forward Party must be registered in each state to be considered a third party by Federal Election Commission. It is currently a political-action committee.