American Airlines Baggage Handler Stops To Comfort Pets Being Loaded Onto A Plane

You may need to take your pet along when you travel. It could be that you are moving, going for a long period of time, or even having to evacuate before a storm hits. Many pet owners are required to inspect their pets before they can be transported on planes.
It is a complicated process. This is not possible on all flights or routes. There are many stories about pets getting lost or ending up in the wrong country or city. They may become lost, get hurt or suffer during their journey.

American Airlines employees stopped on the ramp to comfort animals while they were being loaded onto aircrafts. The little things that you do when you don't think anyone is watching make all the difference.

According to the wife of a baggage handler,

It was a black lab puppy and a cat in one kennel. He has three labs and one cat, so whenever an animal comes through, he tries to comfort it so that they are not stressed.

American AAdvantage's elite members on Facebook were able to identify the employee by name and have been sending in Above & Beyond certificates for this man's great heart.

This summer, I wrote about a Charlotte flight attendant who spent $1000 to fix the teeth of a woman who was cleaning the bathrooms. A great, heartwarming story is rare these days in travel and it's not something you associate with airlines. There was the flight attendant who fed a 100-year-old passenger, and there were the passengers who contributed money to pay for a flight attendant's last flight before she was furloughed during the pandemic. After Delta left them stranded, an Alaska Airlines employee bought a ticket for a passenger.

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