Hey, Kyrie: God’s not fixing this

Kyrie Irving has no legitimate reasons for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. There are none. FDA approved the vaccine, millions have been vaccinated and it has been proven that coronavirus can still be transmitted to unvaccinated individuals.


Irving, who had nothing logical to support his position on Saturday, decided to ask for divine intervention in order to convince God that he was a vaccine skeptic.

Irving tweeted, "I am protected by God and my people are protected by God." We stand together.

Irving fails to win despite his last-ditch attempt at an argument.

Who are my people who are protected by God as Irving said?

His Nets teammates? They are all vaccinated. This is evident by Irving being the only person who requires municipal intervention to make the Nets practice court a privately owned office. Irving can still not play at home because the arena remains a public space.

Are Black people vaccinated? Black New Yorkers are not being vaccinated. Despite the fact that the Black population has a lower vaccination rate, over half of Black New Yorkers have received at least one dose. According to Irving's claims about God, Black churches are urging their members to get the vaccine.

Irving was officially a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe this summer. The tribe is aware of the seriousness of the pandemic. They have been trying to get everyone vaccinated. Now, they are focusing on the teens and adults who are still unvaccinated.


Australians because that's where Irving was born. Even though vaccines down under were slow to get off the ground, it was not because of Australia's initial pandemic response. Almost 80% of Australian adults have had at least one shot and almost two-thirds of them are now fully vaccinated.

Selfish jerks? That's because they are selfish and have decided to keep their children unvaccinated. This is the group that will stand with Irving. However, this group has not been able to do well with God in the past.


Irving is running out of time, excuses, credibility, and both. His teammates will soon lose patience if he continues to do this.


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