Gun battle between motorcycle gangs on Interstate 4 leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd stated that two people riding motorcycles were killed in a gun fight between two motorcycle gang members on Interstate 4.
Judd stated that a woman riding on one motorcycle was hit in the head and thrown off the bike. The Sheriff's office confirmed her death Saturday.

Another motorcyclist was also shot in the back.

It occurred shortly after midnight on the eastbound lanes I-4, just west of U.S. 27, Judd stated that Ronald Donovan, 38, was driving a motorcycle while his 33-year old girlfriend was riding along.

Judd claimed Donovan was in the motorcycle gang Sin City Deciples. Donovan was hit in the back by a member of the Thug Riders motorcycle gang.

Donovan's girlfriend was hit in the head by the man who returned fire. Judd stated that he believed the man was acting in self defense. He didn't identify him.

The man called 911 from a nearby pizza joint and went to the nearest pizza shop. Deputies arrived on the scene and found Donovan's girlfriend seriously injured. Friday's name has not been released.

Judd stated that Donovan wouldn't speak with deputies. He faces second-degree murder, attempted murder first-degree, and other charges. Donovan was held without bail Friday.

Judd stated that Donovan was on his way from Tampa to Orlando when the shooting occurred. According to Sheriffs officials, Donovan and his girlfriend hail from Brevard County.

Judd compared the incident to an Old West shootout. Judd said that bullet casings from three guns had been scattered across a half-mile. It was described as a riding and driving gun battle with speeds exceeding 100 mph.

He said that the outlaws were riding motorcycles and not horses.

I-4 was closed for several hours while the deputies investigated. Judd stated that there have been no injuries reported to anyone else.

Judd stated that there is no one at large and no random shooter here.

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Florida and Tampa Bay have a history with motorcycle gangs. Judd stated that they rarely cause trouble in Polk County.

He said that there are many independent gangs. Fortunately, they behave most of their time and don't come to our attention.

Judd spoke out about the incident during a Facebook Live, which you can view here:

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