Twitch Hacked Again, Gets Defaced with Jeff Bezos Pictures

This week has been bad for the streaming platform.
Not for Poggers

The very poor week of Twitch continued Friday, when hackers replaced background images all over the site with Jeff Bezos photos.

According to The Verge, the images were found in directory listings for games such as GTA V, Minecraft and Dota 2. The images show the Amazon founder giving the PogChamp emote smile that is popular in Twitch chats.

Surprisingly, the exact same image was found in a 4chan message that allegedly came directly from the Twitch hacker. You should take it with a grain.

There are more Twitch shenanigans. All header images for game directories on Twitch's Web site now feature a close-up photo of Jeff Bezos. This has been happening for 2 hours. AnEternalEnigma (@AnEternalEnigma) October 8, 2021



Hack job

It is unclear if the changes were caused by the security breach at Amazon's streaming service that leaked more data than 125GB. These data also included information on the source code of the platform and unreleased projects.

According to The Verge, three years of payout information was also leaked for some of Twitch's largest streamers. This information revealed the huge earnings gap between creators on Twitch.

In the background, hundreds upon hundreds of Twitch streamers left the site in August protesting hate raids and drawing attention to the company's inadequate response to abuse.

It's just another bad sign for Facebook. It's clear that this is a terrible time to be on Facebook.



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