Adele addressed cultural appropriation accusations after attending Notting Hill Carnival in bantu knots

After a while, Adele returned to the spotlight on October 24, 2020. Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images
Adele was candid in a British Vogue interview ahead of the release of her new album.

Adele, 33 years old, was charged with cultural appropriation for her outfit at Notting Hill Carnival in 2020.

She confessed that she did not read the room when she decided to wear the outfit and upload it to Instagram.

Adele responded to the criticisms she received regarding cultural appropriation for her Notting Hill Carnival outfit, saying that she "didn’t read" the room.

British Vogue spoke with Adele about the online retaliation she received last year for posting a picture of her at the London-based Caribbean festival. Adele was wearing a bikini top with Jamaican flag and Bantu Knots as her hairstyle, which is often associated with African hair care.

Adele admitted that she was asked by some people to remove the Instagram picture, but she explained why to British Vogue.

"I could see comments like, the nerve to not take the thing down' which I completely get. Adele, 33, said that if she takes it down, it's her acting as if it never happened. It did. It was an appropriation feeling, which I can understand.

She said, "If you don’t dress to celebrate Jamaican culture – and in so many other ways we’re so intertwined in this part of London – then it’s a little like, ‘What are you coming for?'

Adele, who confirmed her relationship with Rich Paul recently, said she "didn’t read the fucking rooms."

"I was wearing a hairstyle to protect my Afro hair. She said that she had rubbed mine.

British Vogue was also interviewed by Adele, who revealed that the album is her explanation of her divorce from Simon Konecki.

She said she also spent more time with her trainer over the past three years than anyone else, and that she became "addicted to" working out multiple times per day.

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